Hue, a versatile outfit emerging from the vibrant depths of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia) music scene, are set to release their debut single, "Home," on May 1st. The band's simultaneous signing to the new UK based label Passion Eight Records marks an exciting milestone in their journey to share their unique sound with the world.


Drawing inspiration from the rich musical landscape of the DMV area, which encompasses genres like Go-go, Pop Punk, Hardcore, Djent, R&B, and Trap Production, Hue skillfully blends these diverse influences into a meticulously crafted sound that defies traditional categorisation. "Home" explores the often complex life at home, with lyrics that delve into the duality of it being both a source of negativity and positivity. The track also delves into the consequences of violence, on a personal and societal level through hard hitting lyrics such as "Where the shame and the doubt from, nowadays it looks like no other outcome. Raining strays now they’ll never see a drought come."


Speaking about the song, the band said, "The biggest haters and fiercest enemies can come from the same background, but regardless, we all come from the same home and it helped us become who we are. It was written to be a beacon of light for all those people that may be feeling very alone at home so that they know one day they will get through it and meet people who share their pain like us. That’s the way to true success."



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