For over 17 years, Sienna Skies has soundtracked the lives of alternative music fans with their anthemic choruses and crushing breakdowns. Since their inception in 2006, the five-piece band has grown in influence and impact, becoming especially poignant in today's landscape. Sienna Skies hails from Sydney and has graced stages across four continents. They've released four studio albums, signed international record deals, and paved the way for a new generation of Australian bands. In 2019, the band embarked on a ten-year anniversary tour celebrating their album "Truest Of Colours." Following the tour, they took the longest writing break of their careers to work on the follow-up to their 2016 album. However, plans were disrupted when the world was hit by a global pandemic. Caught in the uncertainties of the pandemic, the band took the opportunity to deeply evaluate their songwriting approach. "We needed to sit back and realize we needed to put more into this," says vocalist Thomas Pirozzi. Their introspection has culminated in "Only Change Is Permanent," a six-track EP that delves into themes of self-destruction, mental health, and toxic relationships. The EP sees Pirozzi delivering both glistening melodies and crushing screams. Flanked by guitarists Michael Sankey, Nick Musgrave, and Josh Wade, along with drummer Damon Brohier, the music oscillates between rock and metalcore, retaining their signature pop flair.